Sachin Arora

Sachin Arora

Photographer / Software Engineer

Who is this guy?

A Software Engineer who turned out to be a photographer

Sachin Arora, living in New Delhi,IN. A Programmer by mind and a Photographer by heart. Obsessed with digital experiences from low level computer programming to developing high end business websites. As a profession, I build high end websites and on my free time, I just pickup my camera and go out for shooting.

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Born on November 24,1987 in a small town Fazilka,Punjab on border line of India. I spent almost 17 years of my life there. I call those days as the most peaceful days of my life



A Software engineer graduate from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar few years ago. Like everyone, I miss my college days too


An Engineer and a Teacher

Working as a software engineer and also tried teaching for some time, i used to teach software engineers and somewhat of ethical hacking.


A Photographer

Photography is a mind relief. I make sure that i am living my life fully, not just spending time at work and earning money. I certainly do not want to get old and think how much i actually lived in my life.