20 Reasons to Date a Photographer

Photographers are the most creative and out of the box breed you will ever find. They love cameras, light! Unlike others, they can see world differently. They are not the boring kind, they are the creative kind. These are not actually their inborn qualities, it is the camera which teaches them how to see, and yes, people around them are influenced by them. In fact intentionally or unintentionally, they have an effect on others, kind of impression. And if you are dating a photographer, you can be the luckiest one in your friend circle.
Not sure why?? Here are the 20 reasons why you should date a Photographer

Here are the 20 reasons why you should date a Photographer

1. You’ll never miss a moment

Even if there is nothing interesting going on, it is a photographer’s habit of pressing shutter at least once a while. So you’ll never miss a moment. At some time, you’ll find a full photo record of that part of your life.

2. You’ll get to travel a lot

Photographers are meant to travel, It is their job. So if you are dating a photographer, you’ll get to travel and explore new places occasionally.

3. You’ll feel much beautiful than ever

Well, you are the closest one to him, and you’ll be on the top of his model list. You’ll see yourself differently every day, he can make you feel special and much beautiful than you ever felt

4. They know about latest fashion and trends

Photographers know what is the latest trend going on, whether it is gadgets, cameras or clothes. So if you are going shopping with a photographer, you don’t have to worry about getting a wrong thing.

5. They are very social.

Most of photographers are very social, not self centered. They will talk a lot, they have their own lovely senses. So if you are dating a photographer, don’t be nervous when he is talking to your sister or parents, they’ll love talking to him.

6. You’ll never get bored.

They always have something interesting to talk about

7. In case of any family event, you always have a backup photographer

Even if you have hired a photographer for your cousin’s wedding, your partner will be there, for free , snapping around for the fun of it. Or because he can’t help himself. Either way, the photos are covered.

8. They can give great technical advice.

Especially when your friend is going to get a new camera.

9. You’ll not feel fear facing the camera anymore.

He won’t skip a day without clicking, so if you are with him, get used to face the camera. And yes, do not pose, he’ll hate that, just be natural when he is clicking.

10. You’ll always get an excuse for shopping.

Photography is an expensive hobby or profession. His photography gear is much more expensive than your clothes, phones or even your car. So there are less chances of negotiation on shopping if you two get married.

11. You’ll spend more time together.

You just have to say, “I got a new dress, will you do a portrait shoot for me”. And he’ll spend hours with you.

12. He’ll talk less about sports and action movies.

They have much better and nice things to talk about, and obviously ladies, talking about nature and sunsets is always better than action movies 🙂

13. Selecting birthday gifts will be easier than ever.

Just pickup any accessory or even a photobook, there is no chance he won’t love it.

14. They will help you see world differently.

That’s because it is in their blood to look for different perspective. and obviously, he is going to share it with you.

15. You Facebook profile will always look fresh and interesting.

Well, Comments are useless on this 🙂

16. You’ll always remember dishes you tried on your date.

That’s because he’ll always click the picture of dishes first before you start. And yes, do not make him angry by touching the dish until he get his picture.

17. They’ll never get late on a date

It is their natural inclination to be on time. If he can get on time for a sunrise, reaching on time for a date is not a big deal.

18. It is easy to make him smile in hard times.

If he is angry or sad, just say something nice about his latest work.

19. Great sense of security

You will always have a sense of security with him as he often keeps a Tripod with him, and that can be easily used as a weapon.

20. Lucky sometimes

They are often mistaken as media person, so sometimes you can be lucky to be treated as VIP with him


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